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Inspired by the X-Files.


    Inspired by the X-Files.

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  2. Why the heck do all tech companies assume by default I have a touchscreen now and I want cluttered, ugly panels everywhere? I still hate Windows 8.1!

    Seriously, I thought the tech world was beyond this by now??

    Lol apparently not???

    I haven’t tried Windows 8.1 yet, but that’s the first negative comment I’ve heard about it! Interesting, I thought Microsoft had fixed a bunch of problems with that… 

  3. I feel like I have to create a whole separate tumblr for “tweeting” now, because the new Twitter is so ugly, suffocating, and unpleasant to read.

  4. Holy cow, the new Twitter profile is insanely claustrophobia-inducing. Who decided that was a good idea???

  5. #Commodore64 at school ❤ #C64

    #Commodore64 at school ❤ #C64

  6. My favorite wallpaper currently… ☁via the Internet; artist unknown

    My favorite wallpaper currently… ☁
    via the Internet; artist unknown

  7. Apr 21, 2014

    103076 ✭

    "Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress."

    —Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)

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  8. I use Dropbox as well and really enjoy all the features you pointed out. I also use OneDrive. This is Microsoft version of cloud storage. You can do very similar things with OneDrive that you can in Dropbox.
    Bing also had a promotion, they may still have it, where you could get 100 GBs of free storage for a year. I use it for syncing school documents at home. But I use Dropbox at work to sync project folders lol. I use both and I won’t stop using either.

    Ahh that’s right, SkyDrive is OneDrive now… You’re right, it works great as a folder, and it’s compatible with other devises. Seems much like Google Drive actually! And unfortunately it still doesn’t have those wonderful public folders with the ability to link to the files themselves. >_<

    Currently I use Google Drive for school, and Dropbox for music, pictures, and web design stuff. It’s those public folders that really make Dropbox insanely useful!

    100 GB though, whoa, no way… I’ll definitely have to look into that! haha. Thanks!

  9. EasTeR dResS eheh~!
(Happy Easter)

    EasTeR dResS eheh~!

    (Happy Easter)

  10. Why I still want Dropbox in my life:

    Dropbox’s recent decisions are a tragedy, no doubt. It’s very unfortunate that they actually elected Condoleeza Rice… who supports unwarrented NSA searches… to Dropbox’s leadership team. People have very good reasons to #DropDropbox.

    In my search for a Dropbox alternative, I have been unsuccessful thus far. Mostly because Dropbox has tons of features I cannot find a replacement for. So I thought maybe I could make a list of the 3 Dropbox features I would rather not live without… Perhaps Tumblr knows of a similar alternative?

    1. Dropbox is simple. It’s a folder.
      And because it’s simply a folder, I can make shortcuts or aliases to Dropbox throughout the rest of my documents.
      It just *works* the way any syncing folder darn-well should.

    2. It works with all devises… 
      (even if I have to use sketchy third-party software to sync Dropbox files with my Android tablet).

    3. PUBLIC FOLDERS <3 Sweet Jesus~
      This is what Google Drive doesn’t have…
    • *Instant* sharing 
      Right-click file, acquire public link to file. (For pictures, it’s like Imgur, without the whole uploading shenanigans.)
    • File hosting 
      Seriously, you can casually host web pages in a folder. Stylesheets, documents, or even whole websites can be hosted from the Dropbox folder, and they’re always insanely easy to access or edit.

    I fangirl because there are so many neat uses and possibilities for public folders alone. Lifehacker has 10 clever ways to use Dropbox, and Macworld has 62 things you can do with Dropbox. That doesn’t even cover all the IFTTT functions that make Dropbox even more useful.

    So, as you can see, I am *very* passionate about Dropbox, because I don’t know any other service that has these features. It makes me sad that Dropbox is becoming an asshole. If anyone knows of a Dropbox alternative that can accomplish these same wonderful things, please let me know. That would make me very happy indeed.

    TL;DR: I am searching for Dropbox alternatives with no success. Halp?

    TL;DR 2: I need to learn how to program more things myself, because sometimes companies suck.